My Aunt Evelyn had a beautiful ancient pecan tree in her small South Carolina yard that spilled a bounty every late summer. She’d bag up paper grocery sacs of the nuts, which were too heavy for a mere mortal to lift. We’d dutifully grab our annual provision and haul back north to shell, roast, and turn into treats and gifts.

Candy-making usually took place usually right before the holidays. Brittles, pralines, and taffy were lovingly crafted and perfected. My mother and I would pull taffy in our small kitchen and wrap the delightful little mortals in waxed paper. These handcrafted candies used whole ingredients - fresh buttermilk, cane sugar, creamery butter, and of course, nuts and fruits from up and down the pecan trail.

I travelled to Europe for the first time after graduating from college and my candy palate was expanded. I went out of my way to try new flavors, peppering confectioners with questions on process and ingredients. I left specialty stores with bags of treats and kept record of favorite flavors and textures.

I suddenly saw the range of possibilities with my cherished Southern classic candies and started playing with everything from crushed rose petals to heady chili powders. I started making French-style nougat in addition to divinity, and found exciting ways to add new life to these classics. Then came the lollipops, gumdrops, fruit chews, and other sweets I had bought commercially as a child but as an adult fell flat on taste and quality.

I use whole ingredients and rely on local suppliers as much as possible. Every candy is handmade with the finest ingredients.


Classic sweets with a bit of chic.


We source locally and use organic, no-GMO ingredients as much as possible.